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Saranghae Korean Skin Care Routine

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Deep Radiance Essence + Serum

Step 2. Deliver healing nutrients to skin cells
1.35 oz, (40 ml)

Price: $65


An essence is a uniquely Korean skincare experience and is a crucial healing step in our Complete 5-Step Routine. For the first time ever, the healing benefits of the Korean essence are combined the anti-aging capabilities of the North American serum. The result is the world’s first and only essence + serum.

Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum is designed to penetrate our skin and deliver healing nutrients like antioxidants, amino acids and peptides directly to your living cells.

  • Address the root causes of skin aging by healing & repairing your collagen + elastin matrix and your skin cells deep inside your dermis layer.
  • Flush out cellular waste and optimize your skin’s natural waste recycle process called autophagy.
  • Balance your skin’s pH levels to prevent inflammation and breakouts.

Works for all skin types

Normal, Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Combination, Acneic

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step 4.

The serum is the 4th step and is included in our Complete 5-Step Routine

Price of Serum if purchased individually:


Serum if purchased within the Complete 5-Step Routine:

$65 $42

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How to use

Step 2. Day & Night

  • Start with 2 to 4 pumps on your finger tips
  • Rub fingers together and then apply gently to entire face and next areas
  • Pat to with palms of your hand to activate the absorption
  • Wait 10 seconds for complete absorption before moving to next step

Customer Reviews


“I only apply this during the night, so my skin can drink it up while I sleep. May I dare say that this is what probably made my skin radiant and plump in the morning? Despite my acne scars, my overall complexion was looking better each day. I think this product has to be my favorite one out of the line.”


“This is the world’s first and only Essence + Serum and my favorite product in the line! The result is smooth supple skin. This product has changed the texture of my skin and has given it a softer appearance. It controls my oil production and I also feel like this serum heals my acne quicker”


“I love a good serum. Most serums I have used make your skin feel oily or sticky, not this one. It provides just enough to moisturize the skin without a sticky feel. Not only does the serum help in combatting wrinkles, but helps to control the balance between skin moisture and oil.”

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If for any reason you’d like to extend that time period we’re happy to accomodate, simply email us at and let us know you need more time to try your products. It’s that simple!

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