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Our 600
Year Old Story

love the world, love one another and most of all love yourself - Lee Myeong Jo

Saranghae Means "I Love You" in Korean

Saranghae matriarch, Lee Myeong Jo

The roots of Saranghae can be traced to a family heirloom that dates back almost 600 years. Meticulously updated and lovingly maintained for hundreds of years, this heirloom documents the health benefits of herbs and plants, like green tea leaves, that are still found growing at the side of a volcanic mountain in a small town in South Korea. The villagers took note that this uniquely rich volcanic soil produced botanicals that seemed to have incredibly powerful healing properties when applied to skin ailments or brewed in tea form.

Stories of these plants and herbs have been told for generations to families in this village. There is even evidence that the Royal Family of Korea would make trips twice a year to this remote village just to harvest these life-giving plants and use them to treat various ailments.

In 1950, at the tender age of 16, Lee Myeong Jo started selling her home made skin creams using locally grown botanical ingredients to support her family through the devastating Korean War. Little did she know that her humble beginnings would inspire what would later become an international brand.

Over her lifetime, she tested and documented the effects of hundreds of local botanicals and perfected ingredient extraction techniques. Her dedication to continuous improvement became the foundation for some of Saranghae’s technology today.

That passion for the healing arts was passed down to her daughter, the former activist and founder of Saranghae Min Jun Lee. Min understood the power of her mother’s formulations while she was pursuing a degree in Life Science in the US almost 20 years ago.

Saranghae Founder& Head of Research,
Min Jun Lee

Disgusted by the sheer volume of harmful chemical ingredients she found in North American products, she started selling her family made skin care products to friends and roommates. Within 3 years and only through word of mouth that list grew to over 2,000 people. Saranghae the company was born.

Min is a pioneer in modern Korean anti-aging techniques. Min and her brother Peter were one of the first formulators in the world to discover, study and commercialize the astonishing anti-aging and healing benefits of the Korean Sang Hwang (Phellinus Linteus) mushroom.

Saranghae N.America
President, Peter Lee

Saranghae is a multi-national company that maintains its boutique philosophy. Our mission is to bring the power and beauty of Asian botanicals to the world. Our goal is to always provide the highest quality and most innovative products with world class customer experience. To this day, Saranghae is still a family run business.

Today Min focuses most of her efforts with researching and developing new and innovative formulas. Her brother Peter runs day to day operations as the Chief Executive Offer.

So what became of our matriarch Mrs. Lee Myeong Jo? At the youthful age of 82, Mrs. Lee is enjoying her long nature walks and playing with her 9 grandchildren. But from time to time, she can still be found chatting with Saranghae employees who get to test and review some of her newest concoctions!

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