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Our Innovations

Saranghae is unique. There is no formulation like it in the world.

Saraghae’s efficacy and uniqueness is made possible by 2 award winning technologies that provide the foundation for highly effective botanical anti-aging skin care.

1. Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Botanical Ingredients

Ever wonder why cosmetics companies didn’t use natural ingredients from the beginning? The biggest problem was technology and cost. The technology needed to extract active antioxidants from plants and flowers was limited, so the cost to purify even tiny concentrations of antioxidants was extremely high. In addition, these active compounds would disintegrate quickly and spoil.

Cosmetic companies than made a decision to create chemical based antioxidants. They would be predictable, stable and cheaper to manufacture. Used in small doses, there would be no health issues for the vast majority of the population. The problem was that long-term use of those ingredients resulted in the side effects of which we are now seeing today.

Cosmetics companies always knew that antioxidants extracted from natural ingredients would be far more effective and beneficial but they couldn’t find a way keep it stable, nor wanted to pay for it. Saranghae’s first major breakthrough is called Supercritical Fluid Extraction and this revolutionary extraction technology is profoundly changing the way we use natural ingredients for skin care.

What is Supercritical Fluid Extraction?

A supercritical fluid is a substance whose temperature and pressure properties are above its critical point. At this state, there is no distinction between gas or liquid phases (it is neither and it is both).

Close to this critical point, small changes in pressure and temperature produce significant changes in density, viscosity, diffusion coefficient, polarity etc.. For example, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is described as a “non-polar” solvent. However, when it is in this supercritical state, it displays both polar and non-polar properties.

If you can extract the desired compounds at this supercritical state, you can greatly increase the potency and stability of those compounds, i.e. antioxidants.

Saranghae’s award winning supercritical fluid extraction technology allows us to separately extract active compounds from natural ingredients as polar and non-polar substances at the same time. By controlling the extraction temperature and pressure of the supercritical fluid we can extract the desired active compounds from complicated organic materials like plants and flowers with maximum potency and stability.

This proprietary and ground-breaking technology allows Saranghae to offer naturally derived antioxidants at a fraction of the price.

2. Natural Preservative SH-NapreTM

You’ve heard the statement “Oil and Water Don’t Mix”. That statement is true for different oils of different viscosities as well. For example, try blending olive oil with motor oil. What you will notice is that the two oils will separate. So how do cosmetics companies successfully blend a variety of oils with differing viscosities? The cheapest and most popular method is to use chemical emulsifier. But again, these chemical emulsifiers have proven to be unhealthy over long term prolonged use and can even dry out and age your skin more.

Saranghae wanted to find a safer method of emulsifying natural oils of differing viscosities without the use of chemical emulsifiers. The result is our patented and award winning technology we call SH-NapreTM using a protocol called Multiple Liquid Crystal Emulsion.

Winner of the Korean National Research and Development competition and developed in conjunction with the esteemed research team from Seoul National University, the SH-NapreTM technology extracts the supercritical fluids of 5 Asian Botanicals and emulsifies them through Multiple Crystal Emulsion for maximum stability and efficacy. The end result is a unique and patented technology that allows Saranghae to delivery powerful, natural and effective products at an incredible price to our customers.

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