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Saranghae Korean Skin Care Routine

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Saranghae Korean Skin Care Routine


Sweet Slumber
Silk Pillowcase


Wake up to smoother skin and softer hair!

100% Anti Aging Silk Pillowcase.

Size: Queen

$79 / single


$129 / set of 2


Silky smooth slumber...Made from 100% Mulberry silk, the Saranghae Sweet Slumber Silk Pillowcase ensures that your skin is pillow crease free upon waking by reducing the friction and pulling caused by traditional pillow cases.

Silk pillowcases are also proven to be less absorbent than traditional cotton pillowcases. This means that sleeping on silk maximizes your skins’ moisture retention and ensures that you’re getting the most from your high quality skin care products.

Not only will it save your skin, the Sweet Slumber pillow case works wonders for hair too! Reduce breakage, split ends, and brittleness; silk pillowcases are strand-savers because just like on the skin, they reduce the friction that causes unwanted frizz and hair tangles. Wake up with smooth and shiny hair every day!

  • Reduce unwanted “pillow lines” or “sleep creases”
  • Prevent loss of elasticity
  • Retain skin’s moisture
  • Reduce breakage, split ends and hair frizz.


Take care of your Saranghae Sweet Slumber Silk Pillowcase to keep it smooth and silky!

  • For best results, hand wash in cold water.
  • Use a gentle laundry soap or detergent.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Hang to dry; do not tumble dry.
  • Press with a very low iron or steam.




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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this pillowcase 100% silk?

Yes! The Saranghae Sweet Slumber Pillowcase is made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. This natural fiber has a thickness of 16 momme and is manufactured under the strictest quality guidelines and uses only non-toxic dyes.

2. How do I care for my Sweet Slumber Pillowcase?

The gentler you care for your Sweet Slumber pillowcase, the longer it will keep its sheen and luster. This means longer lasting benefits for both your hair and face! If you wish to maximise the life of your pillowcase, hand washing is the ultimate method. Be sure to use a very gentle laundry soap and always hang to dry. You may iron your pillowcase with an iron on the lowest setting or use a gentle steamer. Wash and care instructions can always be found on the care label.

3. Why is it better to sleep on silk versus a traditional cotton pillowcase?

Traditional pillow cases made from cotton can cause friction and tugging on the fragile facial skin. This can lead to the appearance of a crepey skin texture. Due to the common creasing of the fabric, sleeping on cotton pillowcases can also lead to “sleep creases” or “pillow creases” upon waking. Finally, cotton fabric is more likely to cause damage to hair; increasing breakage and frizz. Because silk is a slippery material your skin and hair will slide across the fabric surface while you sleep. No friction, rubbing or pulling.

4. What size is the Sweet Slumber Pillowcase?

The Slumber Pillowcase fits a standard Queen size pillow (20’’x30”)

5. What is the return policy for the Sweet Slumber Pillowcase?

Please send all refund/return enquiries to customercare@lovesaranghae.com

If you receive a damaged or faulty item, please contact us within 15 days of delivery for a replacement.

If you change your mind and wish to refund your item, the goods must be unused, in the same condition you received them in and they must also be in the original packaging.

100% Happiness

100% Happiness Guarantee

If you’re not completely happy with Sarangahe for any reason at all, we will fully refund your purchase within 45 days from the date of the receipt. If for any reason you’d like to extend that time period, we’re happy to accomodate.

Simply email us at customercare@lovesaranghae.com and let us know if you need more time to try your products. It’s that simple.

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