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Saranghae Korean Skin Care Routine

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Celestial Rose Quartz Roller

Reduce puffiness & roll away toxins and tension with Saranghae’s heavenly Celestial Rose Quartz Roller.

Price: $44


It’s called Celestial because it’s out of this world! Designed to gently glide over your skin, our Celestial Rose Quartz Roller encourages lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation and promotes skin elasticity while revealing your natural glow.

This luxurious beauty enhancer will have you in bliss as it massages your face and enables greater absorption of your favorite Saranghae skin care products.

  • Reduce puffiness
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Encourage proper lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce stress, toxins and tension

How to use

  • Begin by applying your Saranghae skin care products
  • Start rolling from the center of your face outward, towards your ears
  • Roll upward and across your forehead toward your temples
  • Roll down and outward across your chin along your jawline
  • Continue rolling down your neck to your collarbone
  • Use the small end of the roller for your eye contour, brow bone and around the mouth
  • Repeat each motion 3-6 times


  • Store your Celestial Rose Quartz Roller in your Blue Moon Beauty Fridge. The cool temperature will enhance the reduction in puffiness, inflammation, dark circles and fine lines.
  • Use your Celestial Rose Quartz Roller to smooth out your Elemental Essence Mask. The gentle rolling motion will help to encourage the absorption of the nutrient-rich tissue sheet.

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