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From Our Customers

Verified Boston, Massachusetts

I use this product every morning and every night. Within 2 months and an east coast winter (I live in Boston), my skin was moist, fine and deep wrinkles have literally all but gone. I use it all over my face, eyelids too. The skin around my eyes tightened, no more loose crepey droopy area around my eyes. My nose and chin saw deep wrinkles minimized. I now look 15 years younger to some and a definite 10 years to all. Most of all my skin has lost that large pore look and has become a fine youthful tone and appearance.

Kaitlyn F.

Verified Princeton, New Jersey

I absolutely love Saranghae. The cleanser was powerful. It stripped everything off of my face - makeup, oils, EVERYTHING. It even got way down and dug out all the gunk from the very stubborn jawline zits I’ve always suffered from. I actually quite liked the firm and lift creme which of course is the priciest out of the lot but still really affordable. It felt really luxurious without being too heavy. It settled into my skin really well and I woke up with super smooth super soft skin, not a dry patch in sight. Their serums worked wonders for my under eye area and I could see little differences in how awake I looked. The texture and consistency was great, not too heavy not too light. It absorbed easily and quickly with no residue or stickiness, perfect under makeup.

Rebecca G.

Verified Chatham, Massachusetts

I am 68 and I have to tell you, I love Saranghae products!! My granddaughter brought it back for me two years ago from Seoul and I’ve been ordering it ever since it became available in the US. I have tried so many expensive serums, night creams, etc. over the years and this is one of the best for the $$ that I have ever used. There is no after greasy feeling with either the day or night cream. No breakouts and no rash. I have faithfully been using this serum for about three months, and, yes, I can feel and see the difference. I will be using this product from now on because of the cost and the effectiveness.

Daria M.

Verified Syracuse, New York

With age I have noticed some changes and due to my sensitive skin am very apprehensive about spending a ton of money on products. I started with Saranghae’s Cleanser and Firm and Lift and found they were great. So, I made the leap and purchased the Diva Bundle on my next round. Quickly absorbs and works wonders on my combination skin. The cream is applied to my face morning and night and is NOT greasy. The eye serum has softened the wrinkles by my eyes and I also use the Instant Face Lift without issues. I think Saranghae is great and am anxiously awaiting more products so I can switch my whole routine to Saranghae!

Lauren S.

Verified Scottsdale, Arizona

A friend of mine suggested I try Saranghae to help with my aging skin, so I ordered this kit. I'm very pleased with it for several reasons. The jar size is just right and easy to handle and won't take up much space when traveling. The creams have a very light pleasant fragrance which dissipates quickly and doesn't bother my rosacea. Rubs on easily and disappears into skin readily. My skin is softer with more even looking skin within a week. It is helping reduce fine lines and considering I’m in my 50’s I’m shocked to see something other than Botox actually work!. The eye serum is very nice and it doesn't bother my eyes like some eye products do. They also have a great customer service team who adjusted shipments and orders to suit my schedule AND gave me a lesson on how to best use the system. Thanks Saranghae!

Katherine Z.

Verified San Diego, California

Don't ever spend a fortune on skin care again. I have tried other pricey brands but this product is by far the best. I have seen results in just a few weeks! I can tell you the obvious difference, my eyes are lighter and fresher. The wrinkles are less noticeable. The saggy skin on my neck is firming. I will never spend another dime on expensive creams. This line of products by Saranghae is the best and being able to order it online saves me a ton of time! Start with the eye serum, firm and lift cream, instant face lift, and of course, the sheet masks!. By far the best (and fastest) Korean multi step system I’ve tried. .

Debra M.

Verified Flagstaff, Arizona

I am always skeptical with wrinkle products. I'm always thinking "yeah right", yet I still try them. lol However, I have to say that I'm really loving this one. I am in my 70's so I do have some wrinkles around my mouth, eyes and neck mostly. I do like that my skin appeared brighter and healthier looking in the mornings after using it. It feels great applying it. Not heavy and hard to spread, (like some I have used in the past). It feels light and smooth going on. It moisturized my skin without leaving it feeling greasy. I love the price too. I have paid twice this much for other products that didn't work as well and only had about half the amount in the jar, so I'm thrilled with the product and the price. Over all I really love this product and will be purchasing it again.

Suzanna L.

Verified Dallas, Texas

I know that everyone has different types of problems with their skincare. These Saranghae products seem to work for me. I think I could buy a new home and upgrade my car for what I have spent on drug and department store products over the years and I still hated to look in the mirror. I am in my early 50s and it isn't easy to see what time wants me to look like. UGH However I have been using these products for about 4 months now and I have been getting lots of compliments from my lady friends and looks from men (I know they are all old but what the heck). I love that there is only a very light smell and the cream is not greasy. I will be continuing to reorder these and more Saranghae products.

Courtney K.

Verified Buffalo, New York

I have used Saranghae for over 10 years. A few years ago I was unable to purchase it any longer because my daughter (who was living in Korea for work) moved home. She would always bring me back bottles for Christmas or birthdays. The 2 years she was back home I switched to a much more expensive brand and I noticed my skin started to have more wrinkles and sagging. I thought it might be that I was getting older but as soon as I started using Saranghae again my skin tightened right back up. I was so glad to find it was available online now. I also love the new masks they are my new favourite product!

Joy S.

Verified Springfield, Illinois

I am 55. I've only been using these products for about 30 days and yet I've noticed a big difference in the texture and quality of my skin. I had been using pricey Sephora products, and this line is far superior in the way it makes my skin look and feel. My skin is smoother, more wrinkle-free, and it is glowing. The lines around my eyes have diminished considerably, even in such a short time. I use the cleanser day and night with a washcloth to help the exfoliation process and even use it over my eyes and under my eyes to get off the makeup. I follow that with the serum and cream on my neck and all over my face, and then sheet masks once a week. The products are really light and not oily. I will definitely be using this product again, and my second shipment is already on the way!

Michelle B.

Verified Blowing Rock, North Carolina

I've been using this morning and night for several months now & it has definitely made a difference in the overall appearance of the lines and wrinkles on my face, especially around my eyes and on my forehead. When I first put the cream on, it felt so incredibly smooth and I noticed a difference right away but then after I followed up with the serum...oh wow, my face almost look transformed. I'm not kidding. It's hard to put into words. It just felt and looked like new skin almost. I personally love the way it feels. It's wonderfully silky, like a baby's skin. You have to try it for yourself to see how great it can make your skin look and feel. Is it going to make your lines and wrinkles disappear? Of course not but I can tell you will definitely make them A LOT less visible with time. Let me put it to you this way, I'm 47 & I've been mistaken for nearly 10 years younger than that!! Try it ladies. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Katie B.

Verified Lexington, Kentucky

I am 56 years young and have always used higher end products (LaMer, Gold Elements) on my face thinking I was doing enough. I didn't know about Saranghae products or the importance of a whole routine. I do not get facials either but I used to get fillers. Still the quality of my skin is pretty good but age is showing in the texture of my skin and even with fillers you get fine lines. I needed something good to make my skin more supple and smooth and help with my droopy eye area. This is that product. I faithfully apply all three products (cleanser, moisturizer and eye serum) in the morning and all 5 at night before bed. I love that they bundled these awesome products together! I am seeing results like never before! Thank you Saranghae!

Leora H.

Verified Hilton Head, South Carolina

I recently turned 35 and just started to think about my skin again. In the past three years I have had two little ones and taking care of my skin has been put on a back-burner. I generally have sensitive skin and break out easily. I have been using this product for a bit over three months now and I have not broken out once. It gives my skin a fresh look without making it look dry or oily and the whole routine takes less than 5 minutes. It helps to maintain a smooth skin and help with those pesky little wrinkles I get around my eyes (no thanks to my toddlers!). I read the comments that stated, "I noticed a difference on the first application". I thought...."Yeah. Whatever". I can HONESTLY attest that this line of products started making positive results on my skin THE FIRST TIME I used them and only got better with time. I have and will recommend this to friends!

Sarah J.

Verified Akron, Ohio

I bought these as a gift for my Mom because I have already been using them for about a month and absolutely love this brand. I have been very involved in skincare and cosmetics for over a decade. I have tried so many products. I am a skeptic because many companies can make a lot of claims that aren't necessarily true. Recently I have been focusing on not using brands of skincare and cosmetics that are harsh and filled with chemicals and I love that Saranghae uses natural ingredients. This whole line together really does what it says. It's important to just use one brand and products that the company puts together in order to see the results they claim. I'm so excited for my mom to get on the regimen too. I am collecting the whole line to use solely for another 30 days (day and night). I highly suggest you try this. You are never too young or too old to work on keeping your skin healthy!!

Debbie L.

Verified Detroit, Michigan

I bought this product for my mother who is constantly looking for ways to keep her skin looking young and healthy. For starters, she has tried all sorts of different products and never really falls in love with any of them. She has spent a ton of money on various products over the years and some have worked and some haven't. She recently ran out of her last facial cream set so I decided to get her a late mother's day gift and bought her this set. She has been using it for a little over 2 months now and is so far pleased with the results.

My mother is 65 years old and has always taken care of her skin but recently has noticed that her age is starting to catch up with her and has noticed way more fine lines around her eyes and mouth as well as on her neck. She said this is one of the only systems that has really worked for her consistently. I also tried this product for a few weeks so far and I don't have much aging lines or wrinkles but I will tell you that I noticed similar things that my mother noticed such as a brighter and more even complexion.

Erianne D.

Verified Oakland, California

I wasn't completely sold on the promises this product made before I tried it. I have been using it now for a few months now and have to say that I am pretty impressed! I can honestly say I have noticed an overall positive appearance of my face. It has minimized the appearance of the wrinkles around my eyes, lips and on my forehead. It was an obvious visual for me when I looked in the mirror. It also has evened out my overall skin tone. My whole face looks smoother. I don't know exactly what to attribute that to. Is it plumping the skin, reducing wrinkles, filling in pores? Don't know , don't care. It has improved my face's overall appearance for the positive. I'm quite pleased with this 5 step program. Thanks Saranghae and keep up the good work!

Martha R.

Verified Asheville, North Carolina

This product shipped quickly, and after reading many positive reviews, I was excited to start using it. In order to give a fair review, I wanted to use it for 6-8 weeks religiously. After having done so I feel I can fairly give an accurate assessment. I should state that prior to using this product, I was using another famous brand product that would be similar to this; in other words, I haven't been using just a run of the mill moisturizer. After the constant morning and evening usage of this product I have seen a noticeable change in the appearance of my skin - in a good way. The small wrinkles around my eyes are noticeably diminished. The eye cream, which I apply more generously at night, while it does soak in, is obviously still "working" in the morning. The skin there feels moist and plump in the morning so it's obvious the product is still working. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these products, especially to someone who will use them together and regularly. I truly don't think anyone will be disappointed with this system.

Cassandra L.

Verified Atlanta, Georgia

I recently started to focus on taking better care of my skin because about 6 months ago I noticed some sun spots, enlarged pores and fine lines. I've never really noticed these problems before but I guess it's time since I'm almost pushing 40! My skin has become much smoother, more even, and definitely has a more supple texture. I have noticed a less oily build up around the corners of my nose, and I am using less concealer under my makeup foundation. My makeup also seems to be holding better, with less need for touch up.I use most of the products twice a day and I think my skin really loves having a routine where it knows what to expect. Thanks for making this system so easy to use Saranghae. I really love it!

Tamara W.

Verified Auburn, Alabama

I honestly thought it would be like any other skin care system that claims to do everything and never does anything amazing for my skin. I've purchased other brand names of skin care items and continued to use them until they were empty as I know miracles don't happen overnight so I faithfully kept trying them until they were all used up, and ended up with no changes that I could notice! Then I come across Saranghae online and what a difference it has made on my facial appearance! Everyone has different skin situations and what products may work for some people may not always work for others but this is seriously working for me! Before going to bed and first thing upon waking up it’s the first and last thing I do everyday. Unlike some of the other brands I've used, the eye serum has made a huge difference, I'm still getting the same amount of sleep every night but since using this I've seen a big change with my eyes not having bags or puffiness upon waking up! I don't look so tired anymore (even though I feel tired), and the firm and lift moisturizer is fantastic in my opinion. A really great, easy to use system!

Kim P.

Verified Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have been using this for 4 months now. I have been using it in the morning and again in the evening. I love the way that how soft my skin feels after I use the five steps. In just this short time I can tell a difference in my skin. My pores are more refined and the wrinkles around my eyes are so much lighter. I am so excited to see how this anti aging system does in the coming months with continued use. I know that short of a facelift there is nothing that will make me look 20 years younger. However, I know that with the combination of ingredients and using Saranghae as a system and not just one producthas been beneficial for my skin and help to restore some youthful qualities. If I did not like it after 30 days I could return it. So what did I have to lose? Nothing but wrinkles :) . I would recommend this product to anyone who is wanting to make a noticeable difference in their skin.

Selena C.

Verified Honolulu, Hawaii

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this system. I admit I was skeptical when I began using the Saranghae 5-step system. I have been taken in by so many half truths, celebrity endorsements, and pretty packaging in the past but not anymore! I finally found a product that does what it says it is going to do. It works, plain and simple. The skin on my face looks better, feels better, and the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth are visibly less noticeable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a skin care system that works. I started with the two product bundle which worked really well but I totally noticed the system working even better when I upgraded to all 5 products. They make it super easy to use them all together and it even comes with “how to” instructions to make sure you use it right.

Krista C.

Verified Orlando, Florida

So far, I am happy with everything, especially the overall "feel" of Saranghae’s products. It is silky, lightweight and leaves a non-greasy finish. It creates a beautiful base for my foundation, and gives a healthy look to my skin when I do not wear foundation. The smell is minimal, but I am guessing they veered away from fragrances to limit allergies and sensitivity. The immediate results that were most impressive to me were that I could clearly see reduced in fine lines on my face and even my husband's face! They provide very detailed directions which makes this system particularly easy for anyone trying it for the first time. The products also absorb into the skin quite well. With a complete skin care line, there is no need to look further.

Danielle G.

Verified Jackson, Mississippi

I actually quite liked the products. It was really easy to use with the how to videos on youtube and it left my skin feeling great. My biggest complaint was that my bundle was lost by UPS twice!!!! It took forever for me to get my package but that being said, their customer service was really great about it and helped to get the package to me. May want to reconsider their shipping methods.

Ainsley K.

Verified Quincy, Massachusetts

I was really looking forward to trying this product. I was convinced after reading everything about it that it was the solution to fighting wrinkles. I ordered online from the website and was told it was back-ordered but would ship in ten days. One month later I had to call to tell them that I had still not received the product. They apologized and I received it in a week. Aside from the fact that they run out of products sometimes (I guess thats good for them lots of people are buying) it was a really nice system. I personally love the cleanser and that none of the products have a lot of fragrance in them.

Brittany M.

Verified Sacramento, California

Although this cream is easily absorbed and feels nice on my skin I can't honestly say that it took about 45 days to see a visible improvement to my skin. I like it but I was hoping for faster results. When I called in, the customer service team told me that it’s not an overnight miracle (at least they are honest!) and that it takes time and continued use to see results. So far I’m happy with what I see but am curious to see what it will look like with a few more months of use. So far, so good.

Nicole T.

Verified Long Beach, California

I have been dealing with some upper cheek lines for some time and was becoming frustrated with treating them. I have been keeping a strict skincare regime for years and boast no wrinkles in other areas on my face - not even crows feet - so these wrinkles were starting to bother me. I tried all kinds of different treatments and wrinkle creams with no real results. When I started using this, I was very faithful to it, using it every day and night as the product suggests. A little over a month later, I can tell they are starting to fade. In face, my makeup is smoothing over them and not settling into them as much as they were before. I only expect further results as I continue to use it. I highly recommend to anyone who is frustrated with stubborn wrinkles and lines.

Sandra K.

Verified Tacoma, Washington

After using this product for about a month..... a friend of mine remarked how good my skin looked. Are you doing something different, she asked?? I love it. I am 60+ and have tried many different facial creams/lotions but this one really does work well. The reason I only rate it 2 stars is because when it shipped to me my cleanser leaked in the box and I was not happy that it arrived like that. I called and they sent a replacement right away but they should look into better options so this doesn’t happen again.

Gillian R.

Verified Denver, Colorado

After two uses my pores were not as noticeable and I was very pleased with the product. But then my cheeks slowly started turning red and bumpy. I do have VERY sensitive skin so it’s not the first time i’ve experience this with new products. After a full week of use it got much better and my skin has actually responded well to it since. I just wish i didn’t have the outbreak before it got better but I have experienced this with other products before.

Amy P.

Verified Louisville, Kentucky

I’m on my third bundle from Saranghae. Hands down the best products and best customer service I’ve come across. I did have a minor issue with a damaged product and they took care of it right away (I think they responded to my email in about 10 minutes which was insane!). I’ve told family, friends and coworkers about this and for the most part, they have all loved it as much as I have. Keep up the good work. It’s so nice finding products that work from a company that actually seems to appreciate their customers.

Cindy Q.

Verified Boone, North Carolina

I just received my order two weeks ago....I can tell a difference in the moisture of my skin already as it is way less dry and looks brighter. I haven't noticed a change in wrinkles yet but I think I need to use it for longer to see any serious results. So far so good, I’m curious to see what happens in a few weeks.

From Bloggers & Influencers

Kim Jones (

"I’m not getting any younger so it’s time I start a regimen that at least slows the signs of aging! I’ve really been looking for a product that would even out my skin tone to give my skin a smoother look, and that is exactly what Saranghae does for me!"

Ariana (

"I'm loving them thanks! Definitely one of my top favorite sheet mask. I'll be using them forever!!"

Esther (Insta @beautyjoylife)

"This line is great for those who are looking for #antiaging... it would be great even for those who are more oily in skin type. My skin is normal and runs a tad dry in the winter. And being 40, my skin concerns are definitely anti aging."

Marely McDonald (

"I was very happy when I got my hand on the Saranghae 5 step Anti-Aging skincare. I have been using these products for a month now. And guess what? My skin has been feeling amazing and has not had any type of break out or itch."

Dana Lyn Arist (

"Overall I give the 5 step routine two thumbs up. It is not only elegant to have displayed on your vanity, the products perform!!! My skin is smooth, I look younger and well rested and fine lines around my eyes have disappeared!"

Juliann Newton (

"I also look for products that are derived from natural sources. and are not tested on my animal friends. Thankfully, I have discovered a product line which surpasses all of my expectations, and that is Saranghae"

Michele (

"They do not use formaldehydes, heavy metals, parabens and phthalates and do not conduct animal testing. The formulas are created in South Korea, but all of their products are manufactured and bottled, packaged and shipped from FDA approved laboratories from California."

Jessica Alexis (

"I definitely recommend this product if you have problems with redness, wrinkles and dark spots. I have oily, acne-prone skin type and this product did not cause any irritation or pimples for me...What I love about this beauty line is that it is easy to use, easy to follow and fits any skin type. With five simple steps, Saranghae helps you heal, regenerate and protect your skin."

Jenny M (

"I was really, truly surprised at how much I love the Saranghae 5-step routine! I think what is most surprising at all is that my skin just feels YOUNGER. I hadn’t noticed that it was feeling older, but it just looks and feels so much better than it did only a week ago."

Sarah Elizsabeth (

"I have seen these products work absolute magic! I have seen dark spots completely disappear from my skin. I have never seen my skin look so healthy and so good. I mean yeah I still have some scarring but over time these products are going to work to help diminish my scars while also making my skin beautiful. I almost forgot to mention that I have been only using these skin care products from Saranghae for two weeks, and I 100% have seen my skin change for the better."

Esraa Bassiouni (

"Now comes to my favorite product in this kit which is the serum. This serum does magic on my skin. It leaves my skin so shiny and awake. It literally makes me look awake without any makeup on. I love using it in the morning."

Alice Lee (

"Last but not least is their sheet mask! I’ve actually tried many sheet masks over the last few years including this one. Saranghae’s sheet mask is what made me really want to join the Saranghae family as it was amazing. I put it on before going to bed and the next morning I noticed that my skin felt softer, brighter and even diminished my pimples!"

Jessica Rae (

"I don't rave a lot, but when I find something good how could I not! I've always hopped around from one beauty brand to the next until I found Saranghae! Saranghae's story is beautiful in itself! "

Leah Shoats (

"Bottom line, I believe in quality over quantity and if I find something that works I stick with it! Saranghae products are lightweight and really soak into my skin."

AJ Angsley (

"Flash forward, exactly one month later and I’m especially loving the serum and creams. They’re doing wonders on my skin. It definitely feels softer, more hydrated, and doesn’t make my combination skin feel oily/shiny. If you’re worried about a strong fragrance smell, this very light and refreshing smell is very calming. "

Emily Sarmo ( )

"I truly believe after looking closely at my eye area that the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes are not as pronounced and the darkness I had under my eyes has greatly diminished."

Brittany (

"I’ve been using this routine for almost a month now and I definitely see a big difference in my skin. It looks brighter, is more hydrated, and just feels healthier"

Michaelle De La Torre (

"The Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream. Restore vitality, diminish wrinkles, visibly lift & firm and brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes."

Mama Kat (

"After completing the five step, my face was dewy and it glowed all day. It didn't feel oily or annoying, or sticky for that matter. I like to do facials and after completing the five step, I felt as if I had just gone to a spa and had a facial done! "

Aradanis C (

"It is made with natural ingredients and has given me back the elasticity and natural glow I had lost. I totally recommend it for mix skin like mine or If you have dry skin this is the skin care for you!"

Vesna (

"At first I was skeptical to commit to a five step skin care routine with Saranghae, but then I realized that I always promote self-care and that these five products are exactly what I needed. I’ve been using these for a little over three weeks now and I am beyond happy with the way my skin looks"

Damaris Hatch (

"Saranghae is a Korean skincare brand that specializes in wrinkle relief but also is light enough to pair with other products. This is incredibly important to me, and I'm assuming others like me, because one regiment rarely works on every skin type. You have to mix and match to fit your specific complexion"

Sarah (

"I cannot begin to tell you how baby-like my skin felt the first time I put on the products. I actually said out loud “omg this is crazy.” of course my husband comes in wondering what I’m talking about and I made him try it too"

Catherine (

"The eye cream is probably my favorite step from the routine. Like I mentioned, I’ve only been using it for a weeks, but I can already notice a difference in how my eyes look in the morning. Dark circles and puffiness are gone, and my skin is visibly more hydrated around my eyes"

Kathlyn Claire (

"Every night for one month so far, I have used the first 4 steps in the routine, and the last step (the facemask) once a week... and the results have been nothing but magical. They have succeeded all of my expectations in every way from the quality of the products to the innovative design and packaging and I couldn't be happier!"

Carson Catherine (

"For those of you who experience bags or loss of elasticity under the eyes, I highly recommend applying this at night. It helps firm the skin and brightens the appearance of dark circles"

Adabelle B (

"Overall, I was totally pleased with my experience and results. My skin is so soft and clear and I hope I can continue to look this young and wrinkle-free for the years to come!"

Anabel Chun (

"I might as well tell you now that I’ve fallen in love with every product in this line! Initially I didn’t really know what to expect and so came in open minded but as always skeptical but I have been blown away product after product. "

KJ Blattenbauer (

"The first time I tried Saranghae, I was happy that the products were gentle on my skin. After one week of use, I was happy to see a dramatic reduction in the dryness, redness, and puffiness in my face. Within two weeks of use, I can feel a difference in the silkiness of my skin and see that my wrinkles aren’t as pronounced"

Jessica Rauch (

"Korean skincare products are worth the hype and Saranghae is exceptional. My skin looks better than it did before. The dark circles under my eyes are visibly diminished"