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Saranghae Korean Skin Care Routine

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The 5 Step Routine
is proven to

Proven to

skin elasticity

44% Increase in
Skin Moisture

Three words – Essential. Fatty. Acids.
And a lot of them. Trust us, your skin
cells will thank you.

Saranghae proven results

Proven to

skin health
& stress

100% Increase in
Antioxidant Effect

Accelerate healing by delivering
powerful antioxidants directly to
skin cells!

Saranghae proven results

Proven to

age spots
& uneven

100% Decrease in
Melanin Production

Don’t just help eliminate spots
and pigmentation, stop them
from coming back!

Proven to

Reduce skin

100% Increase
in Free Radical

Zap bad free radicals with
powerful antioxidants. Don’t
just look great, feel great!

Saranghae proven results

Proven to

Strengthen collagen &
elastin matrix

80% Increase in
Enzyme Elastase &
Inhibition Effect

Inhibit enzymes that eat away at
your essential collagen and elastin.
Heal, Regenerate, Protect!

Amazing, right?

How does Saranghae deliver such remarkable benefits?
3 key active ingredients, plus 20 more botanical ingredients – and a little bit of art, science & magic!


Sang Hwang [1]

Studies show that the Sang Hwang mushroom helps neutralize free radicals that cause wrinkles. Saranghae is the only North American brand that features this rare and powerful ingredient.


Panax Ginseng [2,3]

Ginseng is a medicinal herb thought to have the greatest impact on human well-being. Studies show that ginseng helps reduce wrinkles, maintain healthy skin cells and protect against UV damage.


Black Truffle [4]

A rare ingredient that contains Polyhydroxy Sterol Glycosides (GSG) – structural elements in cellular bio membranes. The Black Truffle strengthens cell walls and supports healthy cell function.