Natural Ingredients & Active Compounds

Wild Evening Primrose

Wild Evening Primrose is a powerful anti-inflammatory that's been used for centuries to hydrate and repair inflamed and damaged skin. It is an incredible source for Linoleic acid, a fatty acid essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Green Tea

Green Tea is so rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-aging antioxidants that Koreans have been using Green Tea for over 500 years to both maintain and protect healthy and youthful skin. The polyphenols in Green Tea inhibit the formation of free radicals that cause skin at the cellular level.


Described by experts as one of the world's healthiest foods, Apricot is rare ingredient in North American skin care. The reason is that Apricots need specific conditions to thrive such as nutrient rich volcanic soil and thus are considered a luxury ingredient. The pure essence of Apricot is an antioxidant so rich in Vitamin A that they have been documented to protect the skin from poisonous free radicals that prematurely age and deteriorate your skin.


Safflower known as the oldest medicinal herb, dates back to the age of the ancient Egyptians who used Safflower to treat skin conditions such as Eczema, Rosacea and Acne. The essence of Safflower boasts an impressive amount of Omega 6 fatty acid which supports the skin's healing and protective process.

Rose Hip Oil

The anti-aging benefits of Rose Hip Oil comes from its abundant supply of anti-oxidants and Vitamins A, C and E. These critical elements stimulates cellular regeneration deep underneath the dermal layer, stimulates collagen and elastin production which greatly reduces fine and wrinkles.


Coconut oil may be hogging the beauty spotlight at the moment but a new study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that sunflower seed oil may actually be better for anti-aging. The results of our own trials have shown that sunflower oil greatly outperforms coconut oil. You will definitely see more and more sunflower oil on store shelves in the coming years. Clinical trials show that sunflower seed oil significantly reduces skin irritation and improves skin hydration by accelerating the production of ceramides (a key component of healthy skin cells). In other words, sunflower oil equals softer, smoother and healthier skin.

The Edelweiss Flower

The Noble and pure white flower called the Edelweiss contains powerful regenerative and protective agents such as Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, Chlorogenic acid and Luteolin. The ancient Europeans used the Edelweiss flower to protect against UV sun damage because of its UV light absorbing characteristics. Edelweiss is a super flower that nourishes and protects the skin from the inside out and an ingredient that many North American brands rarely use.

Witch Hazel

The American Indians knew the power of Witch Hazel. It's been pressed, boiled and steamed for usage for hundreds of years. Witch Hazel's unique ability shrink blood vessels and tighten pores makes in incredibly effective for treating inflammation, puffiness, discoloration and sun damage. It's also an incredible healing agent. It accelerates the skin's own healing for bruised and damaged skin by increasing blood flow around the skin's surface thus dispersing any blood that pools or clots.


Do you enjoy a little chamomile tea before bedtime? If so, then you are one of millions of Americans who use Chamomile to sooth and encourage restful sleep. You've probably guessed that Chamomile is also an amazing soothing agent for the skin. It contains powerful anti-oxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and helps slow down skin's aging process. It also boosts your skin's immune system encouraging it to be stronger and more resilient to damage, infections and inflammations.

The Comfrey Symphytum

And lastly the Comfrey Symphtyum, a beautiful flower that has been called the "wonder herb" by Korean kings and queens for over 500 hundred years. It goes by another name, called Knit Bone because even in the modern age, it is used to heal broken bones. Imagine then, what it does for the skin? It is an excellent hearing agent which greatly supports the process of regeneration deep into the cellular level.


FGCG is a polyphenol found in Wild Evening Primrose and is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants on earth. The compound when extracted and purified in just the right way stimulates collagen regeneration, re-balances melanin regulation and revives the skin's hydration process to reduce fine lines, reduce wrinkles, improve skin clarity and skin radiance.

Ceramide Complex CLR

Ceramide Complex CLR is a repair agent. “Ceramides” is a scientific term for the most important structural element of the lipid barrier (the moisture dependent fatty tissue that exists within your skin). In other words, it is the reason your skin looks soft, smooth and youthful. Dehydrating and damaging this layer will make your skin look visibly tired, dry and flaky. Ceramide Complex CLR ensures that your skin is always hydrated, healthy and protected.

ProBioBalance CRL

ProBioBalance CLR is a revolutionary approach towards skin nutrition. It supplies the skin cells with essential nutrients and activates waste recycling systems (autophagy), dramatically increasing mitochondrial activity which Improves the skin’s immune function and protects the skin against toxins caused by environmental factors (i.e. direct sunlight, air impurities) and stress.

Argireline NP

Argireline NP is the first hexapeptide that is considered the world's first natural replacement to Botox. This unique anti-wrinkle peptide is harvested and refined from sunflowers and has shown significant clinical testing to be effective against the development of deep lines or wrinkles in the forehead or around the eyes. Dermatologists are starting to call this peptide the "topical alternative to Botox

Inside the Ingredients

With so many brands and so many promises it's hard to know what is really in your skin care. We could give you a million and one reasons why we're different but we thought we would let you see for yourself!

Traditional Brands


Conventional Chemicals


Asian Botanical Ingredients


Acrylates Polymers (Plastics) Chemical acrylates can be used as a fixative or water proofing agent. Plastics can leach into your skin and become toxic Plant Derived Polymes and Gums Plant baseed polymers ensure that Saranghae does not use harmful plastics
Artificial & Synthetic Dyes Synthetic dyes are produced from petroleum & can be laced with harmful chemicals and stabilizers that contain potential carginogens No Artificial Colouring or Pigmentation Saranghae does not use artificial colouring or pigmentation
BHA & BHT (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) These synthetic preservatives can potentially cause endocrine disruption which can increase the risk of certain cancers Botanical Preservatives Saranghae uses naturally occuring preservatives derived from plants
Benzoyl Peroxide The European union is looking into banning this chemical due to it's toxicity Acids from fruits and plants Saranghe does not use Benzoyl Peroxide
Carbon Black Produced by combustion of heavy petroluem products, common in cosmetics like mascara and eyeliner No Artificial Pigments Saranghae does not use any artificial pigments
Diazolindinyl Urea Can release formaldehyde, which is classified as a carcinogen and is usually dervied from animal urine. No Diazolindinyl Urea Seriously, who wants to use products made from animal urine? All of our products and ingredients are cruelty free
Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) Certain states have classified DBP has a reproductive, developmental toxin. Banned in the European Union Botanical based solvents like vegetable glycerin, juices or oils Provides texture for Saranghae products with antioxidants and vitamins
Dimethicone & Silicones A synthetic plastic polymer used as a lubricant Planted derived emolients such as Safflower & Aragan Oil Saranghae does not use synthetic, plastic based emolients
DMDM Hydantoin Can release formaldehyde, which is classified as a carcinogen Plant based preservatives Keeps Saranghae products fresh without the use of Hydantoin
Syntheitic Glycols: Ethlene, Butylene, Propylene, Polyethlene glycols Derived from petroleum and can be laced with dioxane which the EPA states is a probably carcinogen Plant derived solvents and emulsifiers such as Glycerol Stearate Saranghae does not use synthetic glycols
Hydroquinone Chemial bleaching agent that can be an endocrine disruptor which can lead to health problems. Essential botanical oils and Natural Fruit Acids Saranghe doe not use hydroquinone nor any chemical bleaching agents
Isopropyl Alcohol Can be a drying and irritating solvent for the skin Essential botanical oils and vegetable glycerin Provides texture for Saranghae products with antioxidants and vitamins
Lead Acetate Lead is known to cause neurotoxicity Aboslutely no lead based ingredients! Saranghae doe not use any lead based products or artificial pigments in general
Methylene Glycol/Formaldehyde Potential carcinogen Essential oil and plant based preservatives Saranghae doe not use Methlyene Glycol or Formaldehyde
Microbeads Microbeads are used by certain brands mostly as fillers. They fill our oceans, lakes and fish plastic particles which are then consumed by humans No Microbeads Saranghae doe not use microbeads or any plastic particulates as fillers in any of our products
Mineral Oil Petroleum based product that can be laced with harmful chemicals Grapeseed oil, shea butter and essential botanicals oils Saranghae does not use petroleum based mineral oils
Nanoparticles Nanoparticle chemicals can be absored readily into bloodstream potentially causing harmful effects No Nano particles Saranghae does not use nano particle chemicals
Parabens including (methyl, butyl, propyl parabens) Parabens can potentially cause endocrine disruption which can increase the risk of certain cancers Plant based preservatives Saranghae does not use any parabens
Quaternium-15 Used as a preseverative in many hair care prodcuts and cleansers, it can release formaldehyde which is classified as a carcinogen Plant based preservatives Saranghae does not use Quaternium-15
PABA, Oxybenzone, avobenzone, benzphenone Used mostly in off the shelf sunscreen products, these chemicals absorb through the skin which can leads to adverse health affects in vast majority of consumers PABA, Oxybenzone, avobenzone, benzphenone Saranghae does not use these ingredients whatsoever
Talc Talc power has been in the news recently as a possible carcinogen. There are also concerns regarding asbestiform fibers which will cause health problems when inhaled No Talc used in Saranghae Prodcuts Saranghae does not use Talc based ingredients in any of our products
T.E.A (Triethanolamine) Can release formaldehyde which is classifed as a carcinogen Plant based essential oils Saranghae does not use T.E.A in any of our products
Toluene Toluene is a petrochemical solvent and paint thinner. It has the potential to act as a neurotoxicant and is a derivative of benzene Grapeseed oil, shea butter and essential botanicals oils Provides texture and softness in Saranghae products with added benefit of antioxidants and vitamins
Syntheitic Sulfates Synthetic chemical that is often laced with ethlene glycol and dioxanes Plant Dervied Surfactants Provides Saranghae with effective cleansing with natural surfactants without the use of harsh chemicals
Pthalates Group of syntheic chemicals that make creams and cometics softer and flexible, also known as a plasticizer Essential Botanical oils & plant based emulsifiers Gives Saranghae products softness and texture without the use of artificial plasticizers.

Sarah H.

I use this product every morning and every night. Within 2 months and an east coast winter (I live in Boston), my skin was moist, fine and deep wrinkles have literally all but gone. I use it all over my face, eyelids too....