Why Do Some Women Age Faster Than Others?

The Shameful Secret That Cosmetics Companies Don't Want You to Know
Why some women age faster than others, the shameful secret many cosmetics companies don't want you to know.

Actress Helen Mirren

“What the HECK is going on?”

That was the thought running through Samantha Morgan’s mind when she stared at herself in the mirror one morning about a year ago.

Samantha always considered herself relatively healthy. She practices yoga regularly, drinks plenty of water, and consumes a balanced diet. Although she never truly bought in to the luxury skin care craze, she has tried a number of products from brands like Olay and Estee Lauder.

But at age 32, she was staring at signs of aging that she had never noticed before: visibly deeper wrinkles, puffy saggy eyes and skin that seemed to look dull and lifeless. What really surprised her was that these signs came quickly almost as if they appeared overnight.

Was it just her imagination or did she just not notice these changes until that day? Why didn’t she see these signs before?

"Look, I understand that getting older is inevitable and I’m not willing to fill my face with botox....yet. I just don't understand why I show 10 years of aging in only the last few weeks? It just doesn't make sense to me." Samantha proclaimed

Samantha didn’t know this at the time, but research paper commissioned by the University of California at Berkley proved 2 aspects of aging (true for both men and women).

The 3 Irrefutable Facts of Aging

1) The aging process accelerates with time. For example starting at the age of 18, the average person loses 1% of collagen & elastin each and every year. By the time we reach mid thirties, the loss rate of collagen & elastin doubles to 2%. By the time we reach our 50s, that rate has doubled again to around 4%. See diagram below.

Loss of collagen and elastin starts from the age of 18 and accelerates.

Chart of collagen loss from 18 to 65. Notice the steep drop from 18.

2) Much like the tip of an iceberg, our body and our skin ages every day but you may not notice these signs until they build up to a point when they suddenly become visible. It’s called the “tipping point”. What Samantha noticed that day was the result of a degradation process that started at the age of 18.

3) The truth is that vast majority of skin creams don't deliver what they promise and in fact studies show that over time, they can actually age your skin faster. For example, products like Nivea contain nothing but petroleum by-products that make your skin feel temporarily hydrated because they coat the outside layer of your skin, but they do nothing to support the crucial collagen & elastin matrix in the dermis layer that support healthy skin. Over time these synthetic ingredients degrate healthy cell activity essentially degrading your skin faster. The fact is most big brands are aware of this, but as long as consumers continue to purchase, there is no incentive to change the status quo.

"So then what are my option? How do I know who and what to trust?" - asks Samantha

So Why Do Some Women Seem To Age Faster Than Others?

Patrice Mercier is the former head of Research & Development at Christian Dior Beauty and now leads the research team at Paris based cosmetics giant Sephora. He’s seen a lot in his 30 years in the beauty industry and says that it is probably the number 1 question customers ask.

"Why is it that some people will show the visible signs of aging faster than others? We have customers coming in all the time asking why their co-worker looks 10 years younger at same age. As you can imagine, the answer is not that simple. Genetics will account for about 40%. Lifestyle choices like smoking, not enough water and lack of exercise account for another 30%. The other 30% depends on the products and regimen that many people choose." - explains Patrice

"The science of anti-aging has improved so much in the last 20 years but many consumers stick to what they know. For example, take a skin cream that you can buy from your local drug store. Have you read some of the ingredients? They are basically petroleum derivatives. It simply coats the outer layer of your skin and makes you feel hydrated but it does nothing to actually address the root causes of skin damage and skin aging. In the meantime free radicals are wreaking havoc on your collagen matrix. So it shouldn't be a surprise then that after 10 - 20 years of using that sort of skin cream your skin shows that damage."

"Thankfully consumers are more knowledge now and the trend is changing for the better. The new and most effective approach is to protect the cells responsible for regeneration, to repair the damaged structures and to maintain the right levels of activity for the self-repairing enzymes." - adds Patrice

"Take for example the Korean skin care brand Saranghae (which means I love you in Korean) that we’re looking to onboard by Q1 of next year. They have a really unique story and they already have a large word of mouth following. Saranghae addresses the root causes of aging, not just cover them up. Their key ingredient is a mushroom called the Sang Hwang mushroom. People in Asia have been brewing this mushroom and drinking it in tea form for over 1,500 years for their anti-cancer properties and shows incredible promise for skin care. It is a highly effective and unique formulation that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Saranghae is a great example of a boutique brand that we are looking forward to working with." - says Patrice

Sephora betting on Korean skincare brands like Saranghae.

Major retailers like Nordstrom, Macys, Barneys and Sephora are betting on Korean brands like Saranghae

The Hottest Trend In Beauty is Korean Skin Care, Why?

To fully appreciate why a boutique brand like Saranghae is growing in popularity, we need to take a look at the #1 trend in beauty right now – called K-Beauty (Korean Beauty).

Search “Korean Beauty” or “Korean Skin Care” in Google and you will be inundated with articles from Vogue to the New York Times extoling the virtues of Korean skin care. Forbes and Sephora recently named South Korea as the most innovative country for anti-aging solutions. In 2014 Korea exported $3 Billion USD of beauty products to the United States alone. In 2017, that figure will reach $15 Billion. Even French cosmetics giant L’Oreal is getting in the bandwagon with their own line of Korean inspired of skin care products in 2017.

The rise in popularity of Korean skin care started with younger consumers proficient in social media who wanted a more holistic and natural experience different from what they’re parents have traditionally used. But that popularity is now reaching over to all ages. Leading this social change is Saranghae. Saranghae, founded by former UCLA grad Min Jun Lee is currently the fasted growing Korean skin care brand in North America.

If you’ve never heard of Ms. Min Jun Lee that’s perfectly fine with her because that’s exactly how she wants it. But it’s a safe bet that she’s had a tremendous effect on your daily life. Min is a mother, an entrepreneur, and within the beauty industry she’s widely regarded as the activist that irrevocably changed the skin care industry for the better.

Min Jun Lee, former activist and founder of popular Korean skin care brand Saranghae.

Saranghae Founder Min Jun Lee

Sitting in her office in downtown Los Angeles, Min Jun Lee looks radiant in a bright yellow sundress that seems almost dull in comparison to her glowing smile. Out of the bright lights of the media, Min spent her early years advocating for cosmetics companies to ditch the chemicals and synthetic ingredients for more natural and safer methods. Over 150 letters to government organizations and 11 (peaceful) protests later, she’s earned the nickname “The Super Woman of Skincare”.

She brushes off the notion that she is a heroine of any kind. She describes herself more as an accidental activist just standing up for what she thought was the right thing to do. She’s come a long way from her student days almost 20 years ago.

“When I was a freshman, I was blown away by what the girls in my dorm were putting on their skin. I found that many of the products from reputable skincare brands contained dangerous concentrations of harmful chemicals like formaldehydes, parabens and phthalates. The products were essentially glorified goop filled with petroleum by-products. The girls just didn’t know any better and to be honest they didn’t have much of a choice back then." - says Min

“My family ran the village apothecary for as far back as I can remember, we’re talking generations. My mother made homemade skin care creams and serums from the plants and herbs that grew in a field by a volcano. It’s an old recipe that’s been in our family for over 600 years. People used to come from all over the country to visit my mother and her famous skin creams. So I insisted on having my mother send me products from back home.”

“I knew I had stumbled onto something when my American friends started asking for my skin care products. By my senior year, I was getting hundreds of requests a day, from people I didn’t even know. I had some many requests my poor mother couldn’t make enough! By my graduating year I think I had over 2,000 people on that list. Korean skin care was unheard of back then, that’s no longer the case now and the popularity is only going to grow.” - says Min.

Min’s story could have ended just there but that would make for a pretty boring story. Min focused her entrepreneurial spirit and founded the brand Saranghae. Saranghae’s patented and award winning formulation is based primarily on a unique and rare mushroom calle the Sang Hwang mushroom.

What Makes Saranghae Unique?

Min explains why Saranghae is different from other skin care products.

“Saranghae is unique, there is no formulation like it in the world. Our focal ingredient is the Korean Sang Hwang mushroom (Phillinus Linteus in Latin) which has been used for medicinal purposes all over Asia for 1,500 years. In Korea, people brew it and drink it in tea form for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why we call it the “healing mushroom”. Clinical studies show that the Sang Hwang mushroom neutralizes free radicals that cause wrinkles. We are the only brand in North America that features this rare ingredient.” - explains Min

“We’ve also solved the challenged of extracting and stabilizing key compounds from botanical ingredients, something only a handful of companies in the world have been able to do. Without getting too technical, we created two patented extraction technologies that are unique only to Saranghae.”

“Lastly, we don’t just sell products. We provide a comprehensive step-by-step system with complete instructions on how to use that actually delivers real results. The beauty world can be confusing, so we made a commitment to simply it. Our complete 5-Step is all you’ll ever need.” - says Min.

Although the process of extracting these powerful botanicals is a closely guarded secret, the science behind how it works has been validated by independent labs. Saranghae is considered the most unique Korean brand to hit North America and according to Min the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Min attributes Saranghae's popularity to the simplicity & efficacy of the 5 step system and maniacal focus on customer care. Every employee is made to understand that the customer always comes first. Make no mistake, the North American beauty industry is first and foremost a business. It’s about the bottom line. That is the main reason why large retailers are slowly losing the battle against boutique brands like Saranghae whose very existence depends on exceptional customer experience.

Saranghae 5 Step Anti-Aging Routine

Beautifully crafted and incredibly luxurious, Saranghae is winning over North American customers

Alexis P. is a professional cosmetologist who was piqued by Korean skin care but didn't know where to start. She goes on to tell us about her experience.

“At first I was skeptical about ordering and I spent two months going back and forth over whether I should try the products. Many other sites offer K-beauty and I spent a lot time comparing ingredients, price, full package deals and if it was right for my skin. I couldn't seem to find one full line that was possibly going to be what I wanted so I purchased the Complete 5 step bundle figuring if I'm doing it I will do it right and follow through with the regimen. I am 39, Sicilian American and a liscensed/ practicing stylist/hair colorist. I've been in the field for 16 years. My cosmetology license, covers a broad range allowing me to purchase professional skin care products that not many people can get their hands on. I've tried quite a few lines and each one didn't leave me fully satisfied. I kept in mind that not every product out there is going to work for everyone. Just because it may not work for me does not make it faulty. So I went ahead and placed my order. I was still skeptical but excited to try it. My skin just so happens to love Saranghae... no pun intended... it's softer, has a glow and no more dry patches. Nothing has worked until I tried Saranghae. A friend saw me and said "your skin looks so good!" Now that's what I want to hear! Maybe you'd consider publishing this review for those who are as skeptical as I was.” - writes Alexis

What Causes Wrinkles?

To understand just why Korean skin care brands like Saranghae are so effective, we need to first understand how our skin's aging process works.

As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity and skin thickness because the loss in collagen & elastin accelerates. Starting at the age of 18 the average person loses 1% of collagen & elastin every year. At the age of 30 we are losing about 1.5% of collagen & elastin each and every year.

Saranghae directly injects highly effective anti-aging nutrients into the dermis layer.

Skin deterioration accelerates down from the dermal layer

By the time you reach 40 that number increases to 2%. This causes your skin to decrease in thickness by 9% every 10 years. This loss in collagen and elastin does not slow down, it only accelerates as we reach our 50s and 60s.

Loss of collagen and elastin starts from the age of 18 and accelerates.

Chart of collagen loss from 18 to 65. Notice the steep drop from 18.

The majority of skin care products are designed to provide surface level hydration which stops at the epidermis layer (your outer most layer of skin). But cumulative damage to your collagen + elastin matrix in the dermis layer (your second and deeper layer of skin) is what actually causes wrinkles and sagging skin. Our goal should actually be an overall healthier skin with a strong collagen + elastin matrix, not the illusion of tighter skin. This is precisely the reason why Saranghae is winning over customers, because they intimately understand and treat the root causes of skin aging.

Min walks me through how Saranghae directly address the root causes of aging.

"First, we need to stop covering up problem areas with fillers and chemicals which leads to more damage over time. We need to consistently cleanse our skin of toxins and free radicals that accelerate skin damage. Then we support the skin natural healing process by supplying the right nutrients and building blocks at the right time and in the right amounts." says Min.

Saranghae’s 5 step routine is designed to do exactly that by focusing on three key steps.

1) Heal and Repair Damaged Skin:

The Saranghae 5 Step Anti-Aging Routine supplies the skin cells with essential nutrients. These nutrients boost your skin’s natural waste recycling process called autophagy. It dramatically improves the skin’s internal immune function by increasing cellular mitochondrial activity. Basically, Saranghae helps your skin to heal and repair continuously while you sleep, work or play.

2) Regenerate Healthy Skin:

Internal studies have shown that the Saranghae 5 Step Anti-Aging Routine stimulates 200% more collagen and elastin production at the cellular level. Collagen and elastin are the proteins that give your skin a youthful, healthy and radiant glow. Saranghae's powerful antioxidants give your cells the necessary hydration and nutrients to keep producing more collagen and elastin, essentially regenerating new and youthful skin.

3) Protect Your Beautiful Skin:

The final phase is to protect that beautiful skin. The Saranghae 5 Step Anti-Aging Routine is specifically formulated with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients designed to protect against pollution and free radicals in order to reduce skin inflammation. Saranghae creates and maintains a protective wall that fights against the harmful effects of toxins, pollution, UV rays and sagging effects due to gravity. Think of it as a shield created by your own skin using powerful and natural ingredients.

Used consistently, the Saranghae 5 Step Anti-Aging Routine delivers healthy and glowing skin that will look 10 to 15 years younger. Saranghae will fundamentally change the way your skin ages..

Does Saranghae Actually Work?

Saranghae has only recently made its entry in the North American market but it’s been serving the women of Asia for decades. Min and I pored over some of the clinical data collected over the years to highlight the efficacy of the brand.

When compared to 3 other well-known anti-aging brands, Saranghae was the clear and logical choice.

The comparison data showed that:

• 250% more effective than the next brand in reducing fine lines and wrinkles
• 40% more effective in decreasing puffiness and inflammation around the eyes
• Shows 200% greater increase in collagen and elastin production in 45 days

A sample of the data is shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Results Saranghae Compared to 3 Other Leading Skincare Brands

Perhaps the most powerful statement is that 9 out 10 women who have tried Saranghae said they would recommend it to family and friends.

Reviews & Testimonials From Customers, Bloggers & Influencers

Visit Saranghae's main website and there's a growing number of reviews & testimonials from delighted customers, bloggers and youtube/instagram influencers who seem to love saranghae. One influencer named Kim Jones runs a popular blog called "thebraggingmommy". She explains the reason for her love relationship with Saranghae.

"Great face-care regimens are hard to come by when you have sensitive skin like I do. It seems like most collections I try make me break out, dry out, or oil out (is that a thing?). Fortunately, I found one that is a perfect fit for my skin! I was sent the 5-step Anti Aging Skincare system from Saranghae, and I am absolutely loving it!! - Says Kim.

I’ve really been looking for a product that would even out my skin tone to give my skin a smoother look, and that is exactly what Saranghae does for me! This is a 5-step skincare system that includes a cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, night serum, and a mask. Now it sounds like a lot, but you really only use a few of the products at a time so it’s very simple and quick."

Kim Jones is a popular blogger with thebraggingmommy.com

"I was sent the 5-step Anti Aging Skincare system from Saranghae, and I am absolutely loving it!! - Kim Jones.

For a full review of Saranghae by Kim Jones, click on the following link - www.thebraggingmommy.com

For a full list of Saranghae reviews and testimonials from customers and bloggers & influencers, checkout their Reviews & Testimonials section.

Will Saranghae Work for You?

A lot of consumers in the U.S. are curious about Korean beauty but not sure where to start because they often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices available and aren’t familiar with the brands.

The award winning Saranghae 5 Step Anti-Aging Routine is the perfect way to try what industry experts are calling the next big beauty revolution. Saranghae’s patented technologies, use of rare & unique ingredients like the organic Sang Hwang mushroom and their dedication to world class customer experience simply makes sense.

Finally available in North America, Saranghae has purposefully set their introductory pricing well below major brands for a limited time. They firmly believe that once you try the Saranghae 5 Step Anti-Aging Routine, you will become a customer for life.

Interested in learning more about Saranghae?

Click on the “Click For More Information” button below

  1. Andrea M.

    You know what ages me faster kids! Is there anyway to solve that problem? LOL

  1. Alexis P.

    After reading the reviews I was skeptical about ordering since it felt like anyone could have made up a five star review and published it on their site. I spent two months going back and forth over wether I should buy the products. Many other sites offer K beauty and I spent that time comparing ingredients, price , full package deals and if it was right for my skin. I couldn't seem to find one full line that was possibly going to be what I wanted so I purchased the goddess bundle figuring if I'm doing it I will do it right and follow through with the regimen. I am 39, Sicilian American and a liscensed/ practicing stylist/haircolorist. I've been in the field for 16 years. My liscense, cosmetologist, covers a broad range allowing me to purchase professional products, including skincare, that not many people can get their hands on. I've tried quite a few lines and each one didn't leave me fully satisfied. I kept in mind that not every product out there is going to work for everyone. Just because it may not work for me does not make it faulty. So I went ahead and placed my order .... which arrived last week. I was still skeptical and excited to try it. My skin just so happens to love Saranghae... no pun intended... it's softer, has a glow and no more dry patches. Nothing has worked until I tried Saranghae. A friend saw me and said " your skin looks so good!" Now that's what I want to hear! Maybe you'd consider publishing this review for those who are as skeptical as I was.

  1. Miss E.

    I looked for it at Sephora where I live but I couldn't find it??? I want to try it but afraid of buying in online, so much phoney products out there.

  1. Bobbi N.

    @ Missy. Sephora doesn't have it in my area either but it will be coming. I am using it now and have been for about 2 months. It is wonderful and ingredients are mostly natural and listed on each product. They have a website and phone number you can use, I called them and ordered over the phone with no problems. There are also tutorials on how to use the products and some posts and reviews of Saranghae if you want to do more research. You should look into a bit more and try it

  1. Nadine Z.

    Anyone else tried this? I really want to try but a bit skeptical.

  1. Wendy W.

    @ Nadine. I purchased it about one month ago. It's a great line. My skin seems to love Saranghae and it brings me a good result. After the night using this cream, my skin can look oily at the morning but after washing my face, it looks awesome, even tone out, clear, glowing, and hydrate all day. After washing your face in the night, just put this cream on and have a good sleep. The wrinkle becomes reduced too. My favorite is the elemental essence masks, my skin just feels like it's new. Good job!

  1. Hadie J.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream!!! My HG!!! I have an extreamly dry and sensitive skin so I was just looking for something that would hydrate my skin that won't irritate or breake me out. This cream does so much more than I expected. Not only that I don't have any allergic reaction to it, my skin is softer, smoother and soo plumped and hydrated. I use both day and night but reallly small amounts, you don't need much at all. The only complain I have is the packaging, the eye serum pumps out way too much or way too little, it really frustrates me. Also, I just think they can do better with the overall look and feel. But you know what I hear their launching with brand new formulation so maybe they'll improve this. All in all, I'm on my 8th cycle on my membership.

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    Mmmm, I don't know about this

  1. Joanne H.

    @Nancy, what don't you know, the products you mean?

  1. Nancy M.

    @Joanne, Well that and I've been burned with buying creams online, lots of phony, fake products out there.

  1. Joanne H.

    @ Nancy, oh yeah I know what you mean. I've been burned on one of those free sample products sold online too. The brand is real. I bought the 5 step system 2 weeks ago and I've been using it for about a week. My friend Yasmine bought decided that she wanted to return it and they gave her a full refund even after she used half of it. So they're legit. In terms of product, my friend thought that the cream was a bit heavy for her, but for me I love it. My skin looks the best it's looked in years. Not every product will for every person so you just have to try it and see. Do a bit more research if you feel you're still unsure but I'd give it a try. Hope this helps.

  1. Betty C.

    My god, that Elemental Essence Mask is the best thing since sliced bread! Can't get enough of it.

  1. Wendy A.

    How come they have all caucasion women in their marketing? Isn't it supposed to Korean skin care?

  1. Aya Z.

    @WendyA, well yes, it is Korean skin care but they're making it to fit American buyers so it makes sense that they're marketing with causasion women. Did you also notice that the labels are in english? Lot of the Korean skin care products are all labeled in Korean so it's obvious that they took the time understand what we Americans like and will buy. I think they're doing a great job if you ask me. And yup, I've tried it and love it. I've been on their Goddess membership program for 6 months now.

  1. Wendy A.

    @Aya, thanks, yeah that make sense. Looks pretty interesting, I just put in an order for the Goddess bundle.

  1. Nickie S.

    Great product, they just need to work on their packaging a bit, seems a little plain.

  1. Carrie Y.

    Do they carry an SPF face cream?

  1. Jeff R.

    Does this stuff work for men?

  1. Denise P.

    @Carrie, I had that same question myself, no they don't have an SPF. I talked to their customer service about it, apparently they're working on a natural line of SPF products that doesn't have any of the chemicals you see in sunscreens but it won't be until next year.

  1. Sissy M.

    I've been a fan of Korean skin care for years. I was using Sulwahsoo ginseng cream but everytime I put down $220 for a jar it pained me. I think Saranghae Firm and Lift is a better product and it's much more affordable. I just hope they don't raise prices.

  1. Kylie M.

    I'm really impressed with their customer service. They're really knowledgeable and always answer my questions fast. I had to pause my membership because I'm travelling for the summer but I'll be coming back in the fall. 10 out of 10 stars.

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